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Please note: - due to high demand, we do have a backlog of this study currently. Please allow 5-7 days for your study to be dispatched.

The in-home Multi-Channel Respiratory Sleep Study also records your heart rate and blood oxygen levels, like the Finger Pulse Oximetry Sleep Study, but also monitors body position, chest resistance, respiratory flow and other data channels to form a more in-depth picture of your sleep.

The in-home Multi-Channel Respiratory Sleep Study also records your heart rate and blood oxygen levels throughout the night, like the Finger Pulse Oximetry Sleep Study, but also monitors body position, chest resistance, respiratory flow and other data channels to form a more in-depth picture of your sleep. You must also fill in a detailed medical questionnaire. In most cases, this study will identify Obstructive Sleep Apnoea if it is present. If you have a BMI under 25, or above 40, then a Multi-Channel Respiratory Study is your only option. Learn More.

Please Note: You will be RENTING this sleep study equipment, not actually buying it. When you order the sleep study, you should do it immediately and return it to Intus within 7 days of receiving the equipment, as late returns may incur additional fees.

What is a Multi-Channel Sleep Study?

Similar to the Finger Pulse Oximeter, a medical device is worn whilst you sleep. Where a finger pulse oximeter is worn on the wrist and finger, this multi-channel device is worn around the abdomen / chest. It records your heart rate, blood oxygen levels and other data channels whilst you sleep.

When you have an ‘apnoea’, your airway is blocked momentarily and your oxygen levels drop accordingly. Your heart rate is also directly effected because you cannot temporarily breathe. The multi-channel device is able to identify when this happens and how many times whilst you sleep. All of that data and more is recorded on the device and is downloaded by Intus to be analysed and interpreted by a qualified sleep technician.

The Multi Channel Respiratory Sleep Study is the most comprehensive home sleep test available and gives the most detailed examination of what is happening while you sleep.

While the Pulse Oximetry is sufficient for confirming Sleep Apnoea, it cannot rule OUT OSA – for instance, it may not detect it, but that does not mean to say you do not have it. The Multi-Channel provides a far greater level of information about what is happening, allowing a qualified sleep technicians greater scope for confirming whether or not you have Sleep Apnoea.

The Multi-Channel Sleep Study is the only option for those with a BMI under 25 and between 40 and 45, as the limitation of the Finger Pulse Oximetry Test mean the information recorded may not be sufficient for a confirmation. If your BMI is between 25 and 40 and have no history of heart problems or strokes etc, then in most cases we would recommend first taking the Finger Pulse Oximetry Test as it is cheaper and will provide a confirmation for most people. If that proves inconclusive then the Multi-Channel Sleep Study can be conducted afterwards, although it is at an extra cost.

However, if your BMI is between 25 and 40 then you are still welcome to take the Multi Channel Sleep Study if you wish, and it will certainly provide a more accurate picture of your sleep.

  • • Easy to do
  • • Fast turnaround
  • • Confidential Service
  • • Comprehensive Results
  • • Sleep normally in your own bed
  • • Variety of treatment options available
  • • Ongoing help and advice when required

Easy to do

Sleep studies are becoming more and more common. In the UK alone, tens of thousands of people do a sleep study every year! It is painless, very simple to do and provides extremely valuable information as to HOW you are sleeping. The sleep studies Intus conduct are very similar to the majority of those done on the NHS, in so far as we use similar equipment, standards and methods for determining the outcome. The main difference is there is very little waiting time.

Fast turnaround

From the time of your sleep study order to the result letter being sent back to you, it is approximately 10-14 days. This is dependent on the study being done immediately when it is received and posted back to Intus promptly.

Confidential Service

Intus operates a totally confidential service and unless otherwise requested, the only person who will receive the study report letter is the person ordering the study. The results of that letter are not sent to any Government authority.

Comprehensive Results

Intus want you to take part in understanding more about your sleep, the study result itself and the treatment options you have, should OSA be detected. With that in mind, we send you a comprehensive report covering all of the above and more, written in simple English and provide numerous support materials to help you. Pulse Oximetry can only confirm if Sleep Apnoea is present however, but it cannot determine if it is definitely NOT present. So, please be aware that the results of your study may come back ‘inconclusive’. In this event, we will recommend you order the Multi-Channel Respiratory Sleep Study next, in order for us to find out exactly what is happening and discover what caused the Finger Pulse results to be inconclusive. However, only around 1 in 10 will find this to be the case. If you do not want to risk this occurrence and extra cost, order the multi-channel to begin with.

Sleep normally in your own bed

In the past all sleep studies required overnight stays in hospitals beds (and sometimes still do) where the patient was often wired up like a lab monkey (and sometimes still are) in order to record a ‘normal’ nights sleep! Complex sleep studies can be required depending on conditions, but Intus’ ONLY operate a proven in-home sleep study service which enables patients to wear minimalistic equipment (that can adequately record sleep) in the comfort of their own bed. It is far easier to sleep ‘normally’ in your own bed than in a foreign setting and that fact means the data recorded is likely to be more accurate and realistic.

Variety of treatment options available

If your sleep study confirms you have sleep apnoea, do not despair. There are millions of people around the world being treated and there a variety of therapeutic options you can chose from depending on severity. Intus supply all of the non-drug, non-surgical, non-invasive therapies to treat OSA. The good news is, that most people report quick results after beginning treatment.

Ongoing help and advice when required

If you begin treatment for OSA with Intus you are in good hands. We specialise in this field and have many ways of supporting you. Including phone and e-mail support, numerous websites, a forum, printed materials and exhibitions and patients days to meet with us.

If you are still unsure, please read Which Sleep Study? before deciding.

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Free Delivery Yes
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Approx. Turnaround Time (Days) 7 days from return receipt
Results Interpreted By Qualified Sleep Technician (5+ Years Experience)
Enables Therapy Purchase If OSA is detected and there are no high-risk comorbidities involved (such as heart problems) this study result will enable you to purchase therapy equipment from Intus Healthcare. You are not obliged to make any treatment purchase from Intus and you can instead seek treatment via the NHS. If you pursue treatment via the NHS, you may be required to do another study prior to receiving treatment. Intus cannot predict the decisions of individual hospitals or Doctors.
Potential Treatment Options Following Result CPAP, OAT or PST (more information) - purchased separately
Includes Written Report Yes
Includes Statistics Report Yes
Number of Data Channels 7
SpO2 (Blood Oxygen) Yes
Pulse (Heart) Rate Yes
Nasal Airflow Yes
Body Position Yes
Patient Event Markers Yes
Actigraphy Yes
Plethysmography (Airway Resistance) Yes

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